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We’re ALL in This Together

Great Plains Health Alliance is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization of leased, managed and affiliated hospitals in Kansas and Nebraska. Since it was formed in 1950, GPHA has been committed to rural health care and the management of rural hospitals.

Now one of the oldest and largest not-for-profit management systems in the nation, GPHA has developed into a comprehensive organization offering a variety of services, personnel, expertise, resource-sharing and opportunities.


Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

Displaying and practicing the values of honesty, consistency, truthfulness, leadership and stewardship. Operating our facilities with integrity and respect following all laws, rules and regulations. Valuing those we work with and honoring their dedication, commitment and passion to serve others. Recognizing and valuing diversity through equal treatment, fair dealing and recognition and acceptance of people with other backgrounds and values.


You Have a Voice

We believe in working together to find new, innovative solutions to issues community hospitals face every day.

Staff from GPHA hospitals meets regularly at “roundtables” to discuss topics including:

These roundtables allow participants to share ideas and gain new perspectives. They’re a great opportunity to promote networking and mutual support among hospitals. Local employees have the opportunity to influence policies and procedures on the corporate level.

Interested in working in a collaborative, supportive environment? Join the GPHA team!

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