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Why Choose Great Plains Health Alliance

As a rural or Critical Access Hospital or clinic, it’s a challenge to get access to experts and resources like the big urban hospitals do. That’s why Great Plains Health Alliance, a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization of leased, managed and affiliated hospitals, was formed. GPHA offers services, personnel, expertise, resource-sharing and opportunities to hospitals that need it most.

GPHA Helps Hospitals

GPHA helps rural or Critical Access Hospitals and clinics in Kansas and Nebraska to:

Here’s How it Works

GPHA offers a variety of relationships to accommodate the unique needs of each hospital and community:

GPHA assumes responsibility for the total operation of the hospital. The GPHA Board of Directors sets hospital policy. A local board serves in an advisory capacity and acts as a liaison among the hospital, community and GPHA.

The local board continues to set policy and GPHA provides administrative services. GPHA is accountable to and works with the local board.

Affiliated/Resources Sharing
Hospitals have access to one or more services offered by GPHA without being leased or managed. Services are available on an “unbundled” basis as needed.

What a Few of Our Hospitals and Networks Are Saying

GPHA has helped our employees become proficient in coding and billing; thus increasing our collections.

— Manager
Fredonia Regional Hospital

All GPHA staff are easily reached with any questions, and their organization understands small hospital operations.

— Manager
Kiowa County Memorial Hospital

Great Plains has tremendous resources to help and guide critical access hospitals to provide great healthcare to rural communities.

— Executive
Rawlins County Health Center

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Find out more about GPHA’s services. Contact us directly at (785) 543-2111 to discuss your hospital.