GPHA Clouds

Guiding GPHA is a 12-member board composed of representatives from communities in which participating hospitals are located.

GPHA Board Members

Dave Rankin

Dave Rankin | Chairperson

Dave is a retired pharmacist from Kearney, NE. He has been on the GPHA Board for 10 years. (9/18/2007)

Dave Dellasega

Dave Dellasega | President and CEO

Dave is the President of Great Plains Health Alliance, Phillipsburg, KS. He became President 4/1/13.

William Navis

William Navis | First Vice President

Attorney in private practice in Belleville, Kansas. Previously was County Attorney. He has been on the Board of GPHA for 6 years. (3/22/2011).

John Terrill

John Terrill | Second Vice President

John is a Trust Officer at Smith County State Bank in Smith Center, He is a previous Hospital Administrator of the Smith County Memorial Hospital in Smith Center, Kansas. He has been on the GPHA Board for 10 years. (9/19/2007)

Robert Hamilton

Robert Hamilton | Secretary

Robert is a retired bank president from Salina, Kansas. He previously served on the Board of the Lincoln County Hospital. He has been on the GPHA Board for 35 years. (10/12/1982)

Steve Carlson

Steve Carlson | Treasurer

Steve a farmer/rancher from Minneapolis, Kansas. He serves a member of the Ottawa County Health Center Board of Trustees. He has been on the GPHA Board for 29 years. (5/24/1988)

Dr. Barbara Brown, D.O. | Board Member

Dr. Brown is a practicing physician in Osborne, Kansas. She has been on the Board for 6 years. (9/20/ 2011)

Arthur Henrickson | Board Member

Art is an Independent Contractor with the Grainbelt Risk Management LLC in Logan, Kansas. He previously served on the Phillips County Hospital Board of Trustees. (06/19/17)

There are currently, 4 vacancies on the GPHA Board of Directors.

Honorary GPHA Board Members

Curt Erickson | President Emeritus

Curt retired from GPHA in 1991, after 36 years with GPHA. His vast experience in small and rural hospital administration helped GPHA expand from a small management company with a few hospitals, to over 20 hospitals. Curt served on the Board of Trustees for the American Hospital Association, and was Chairman of the advisory panel of the Center for Small and Rural Hospitals for the AHA in 1982. He was Chairman of the AHA’s Regional Advisory Board, and a member of the Prospective Payment Assessment Commission, advising our federal Congress and Secretary of Health and Human Services on Medicare Reimbursement.

Roger John

Roger John | President Emeritus

Roger retired from GPHA in 2013 after more than 30 years of service. Before becoming President and CEO , Roger served as a Vice President for Regional Operations, Director of Education, and Quality Assurance Specialist. He was active in the Kansas Hospital Association throughout his career, serving on many committees including the KHA Board of Directors – Executive Committee, as Chairman of the Kansas Health Services Corporation Board of Directors, as Chairman of the KHA Board of Directors. He was a recipient of the 2011 Charles S. Billings Award. Roger and his wife, Jackie, live in Phillipsburg and enjoy travelling and visiting their daughter.

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