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Pharmacy Services

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Pharmacist Support

Pharmacists provide complete and timely clinical expertise to all medication questions. Senior-level administrators, providers and nurses all have access to Pharmacist support for their clinical and business decisions.

Electronic Health Record Deployment

GPHA data center has a proven track record for rapid deployment of key EHR technology. Through a Software as a Service (SAAS) type model, the data center can install or replace your existing core clinical applications in a period of about three months.

GPHA is staffed with clinically trained experts that have a working knowledge of front-line hospital workflow. Pharmacists work with GPHA member facility staff to optimize CPOE.
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Technology Consulting

GPHA Pharmacy can provide consulting services for a variety of clinical technologies, including Omnicell, Pyxis, Meditech, Cerner, Siemens, and CPSI.

With established relationships with these and numerous other vendors and companies, GPHA has a proven track record of successful implementation and management of CPOE systems and bedside barcode scanning systems.

Medication Safety

Highly complex technical systems do not run by themselves. Rather, it takes advanced technical and clinical expertise, and dedicated pharmacist, nurse and IT resources to achieve success. GPHA has assembled such talent.

GPHA member facilities undergo continuous quality improvement projects specifically designed to reduce and eliminate medication errors. GPHA member facility staff are provided the most current data and literature to keep their hospital medication processes safe.

Contract Negotiation

GPHA negotiates group rates on key pharmacy services on behalf of member facilities, which would not be available otherwise. GPHA has established a corporate partnership agreement with Omnicell. This agreement allows member facilities to purchase equipment at a highly discounted rate far exceeding GPO discounts.

GPHA has a corporate partnership agreement with HPM (Hospital Pharmacy Management), through this contract GPHA is able to offer comprehensive remote pharmacy services at an affordable rate.

Standardized Medication Pricing

Pricing medications correctly ensures the highest reimbursements from third-party payers. With standardized medication pricing, GPHA calculates the best price so hospital staff doesn’t have to.

Charge Master and Reimbursement Maximization

Through comprehensive analysis of all GPHA member facilities our Pharmacy Services team is able to identify problems and provide solutions that will maximize third-party payments.

In most cases a GPHA pharmacy review will identify undiscovered revenue that will far exceed their cost.

340B Consulting and Compliance

GPHA Pharmacy serves as an expert resource to hospitals currently participating or considering participating in the 340B program.

The 340B program offers hospitals a new revenue source and also provides substantial cost savings on prescription drugs. The program is highly complex requiring work with the government, 340B vendors and retail pharmacies. GPHA can lead you through this process of implementation. GPHA has a proven track record of successful and profitable 340B program implementations. Large or small, qualified hospitals stand to profit greatly from 340B.

HRSA, manufacturer, and third-party payer audits are on the rise. GPHA provides a full compliance review for both 340B participants and their contract pharmacies. In the event of an audit, GPHA Pharmacy services can be retained to assist in the audit and help with the determination of any manufacturer repayments.

Inventory Management

GPHA Member facilities have access to pharmacists that drive down the costs associated with medications. Our goal is to identify revenue favorable opportunities to reduce the cost you spend on medications.

Contact GPHA directly at (785) 543-2111 to find out more about our pharmacy services for rural hospitals and clinics.